Swargiya Pratidhwani (Todays Thought)

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In My Heavenly Father’s Arms

How blessed it’s to be, in my Heavenly Father’s arm,
Sans worry, trouble, sorrow or any perilous harm,
And be drenched in His presence so blessed and so warm,
Which leaves the sins, temptations and devil utterly disarmed.

His tender voice soothes, my weary soul the best.
As a baby in mother’s lap, my soul in Him, finds the rest.
Sharing with Him everything, that makes this heart sigh,
And to receive the comfort, from His abundant supply.

Oh…, the zenith of ecstacy it brings to my soul,
When the utterance of His lips calls me His own.
Will never trade this bliss for anything on this earth,
Will willingly forsake all that tapers off its worth.

Keep me Heavenly Father, in thy loving everlasting arm,
Close to your heart, cozy, cuddled and warm.
Wrapped in your love and tender mercies profound
Leaned on your shoulder, may I always be found.

In my Father’s arm, may I always be found,
May I always be found, in my Father’s arm.

Joicy Johnson