Swargiya Pratidhwani (Todays Thought)

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Miracles are the outcome of unwavering faith in God in times of unprecedented trials and distress. Unless you face the impossible your deliverance can’t be termed as miracle.

You have to face
A Red sea before it’s parted,
The Pharaoh and army before they are drowned
The walls of Jericho before they are fallen
A Goliath before a tremendous victory
A barrenness before an Issac is born,
A lions’ den before angel’s protection
A fiery furnace before God’s presence
A sickness with no cure before divine healing
A bondage unbreakable before releasing
A draught before rain
A prison before miraculous escape
A famine before abundance
A fierce storm before calmness
A heart brokenness before restoration
A trouble before triumph
A shame before honour
And so on…
Words won’t suffice to describe the way miracles take place, when we trust God.
So be of good faith, your biggest troubles are leading you to your greatest miracle. Trust God. His ways are inconceivable. He is a ”Miracle Working God”.