Swargiya Pratidhwani (Todays Thought)

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So much noise coming from the world around,
Of praise and of applause,
Of shame and of blame,
Of cheers and of jeers,
Of challenges and of races,
Of criticisms and of judgements,
Of achievements and of failures,
Of approvals and of rejections,
Of motivations and of discouragements,
Of losses and of gains,
Of foes and of friends,
And many more that keep echoing in our heads…

But, my friend,
Let these noises not hinder those tender whispers of your Father from above. He loves you for who you are and He is to lead you, who you meant to be.

So, take time to pray, take time to ponder on His word, take time to listen and you’ll hear Him speak, the words of life, the words of power, the words of creation, the words of resurrection and that will transform you entirely into a new being.
And mark my word,

“You’ll never be the same.”

In the noises of the world around,
let’s not miss the voice
from the Lord above.