Swargiya Pratidhwani (Todays Thought)

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I wish to be…

I wish to be that alabaster jar,
that was broken at Jesus’s feet,
Still in its brokenness, all it offered,
The most pleasant fragrance sweet.

I wish to be that woman,
Who brought it to the Lord,
Her most treasured possession,
But she didn’t hesitate at all.

It makes me think, will I be,
The same when broken hard?
Will I be able to offer
As that woman gave her all?

Will I be able to sacrifice,
Something most valuable in me?
That people admire and adore,
Broken, can I afford to see?

And offer Him the best,
Not listening, say what the rest,
But give Him all in all,
Keeping nothing at all.

I wish to be that jar,
I wish to be that woman,
In whom the master pleased,
In whom the master pleased.