Looking at the cross, I often ponder Was I worth dying for?

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Why you chose to die for me?
When you could have existed without me.
Something that you created out of dust,
you could have sent it back to dust.

You could have ended everything,
And have created better something,
something that adores and serves you,
honours you, and acknowledges you

Then why You ever chose to die
for this rebellious race of mine?
Why Lord you bore so much pain,
Rejection, mockery, curses and shame?

Wasn’t that for the love’s sake,
And the promises, you could not break,
You sent your son to die on cross,
To buy me pardon of sins so gross.

I regret my ungratefulness,
My stubbornness and my foolishness,
How I rejected your tender voices
That told me to leave all my vices!

As I came to cross and confessed
You as my Lord and saviour professed
The burden of my sins just lifted away
Leaving me happy and with praises to say.

What I’ll be able to give in return,
For All the love and tender concern,
That you lavishly bestowed on me
Filling my heart with joy and glee

So, I’ve decided to live for you,
In every storm you take me through,
Sorrow and pain or Joy and Gain,
To choose you over and over again.

Forsaking all that makes me sway,
Or take me from my saviour away,
And to live a life, holy and pure,
That’s pleasing to you and making it sure.

I don’t want to ask anything more,
But to see you one day the other shore.
But the question still lingers more
Lord, was I really worth dying for?


Good Friday